On gardening and sharing the love

This is a quick little post because I’m prepping to teach a organic-vegetable-gardening workshop this morning, and I’m excited and wanted to share.

What fun!  Gardening!  Friends!  Love it!

I’ve put together an array of resources, most of which are electronic, and I’m presenting them on my Pinterest board “Garden workshop” if you’re a Pinner.  If not, I’ll post them on my “growing” page here soon.  But the best and coolest one is from MOFGA, and is available here.

If you’re new to gardening, or just want a handy reference in one place, this is it!  Love it.  Love the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.  Love the gardening.  Love the love.


2 comments on “On gardening and sharing the love

  1. Winston Sims says:

    Yes!!! Yes!!! Love it. Anything that will help me forget that this is the fourth day of Spring and the fourth day we have had snow.

  2. annasbartel says:

    Yes, I had originally planned for this workshop to be held outside. You know, IN the garden. And we did visit the garden today — or what we could see of it under the blanket of snow. It felt a little different sitting in the living room talking in abstractions, but hey. It gives us hope. 🙂

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