On wading in: day 6. All the things.

So today was one of those days where the best you can do is coast. The intentions fall by the wayside (funny how none of them involved the reality of a post-vaccine 20-month-old nipple leech). There’s no room for reflection. The best I can hope to do is notice when I yell at all the grumpy children and leave the room for some quick deep breaths. Then: back into the fray.

So what have I learned from this little episode wading into the whitewater?

1. Edamame (in pod) are the perfect food for a three-year-old. They squip everywhere and are delicious and nutritious; Ezra was helpless with laughter at their antics. Plus, it made him want to help serve his brother. Ha.

2. Chalk is not a comestible.

3. I have no problem medicating (mildly) an obscure but persistent misery in my kids. Hey, he had a vaccine. Chillax.

4. Dessert beer is a category.

No wisdom here. Just moving with the current. You?


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