On wading in: Day 18. Perspective.

A quick post tonight, as it’s been a day full of perspective and I’m exhausted by it.
First, at the preschool where my sons go, I watched circle time where four new kids with special needs were being supported and held and encouraged and restrained by one-on-one aides. I was astonished to remember what I take for granted.
Second, at lunchtime, when all my kids wanted to eat was cantaloupe. Left to their own devices, they’d be fruit-bats, with the occasional dose of broccoli or peas. Here I am hollering: eat your cheese! No more fruit till you finish that sandwich!
Third, at the doctor’s office, when all our lungs were pronounced clear and our coughs pronounced viral, and I realized: this day’s a-wasting! We’ll grab the milk at the grocery store and then on to the playground!! Best post-doctor’s-office afternoon ever.
Fourth, when my neighbor pointed out a great blue heron stalking the vernal pools below our houses. He’s been walking around, avoiding loud mowers, but never doing more than flapping a bit. He didn’t look hurt, but why else was he there, in our tiny patch of weeds? It seems such a blessing to see one so close, but then it’s such a worry, that this glorious creature might need our help, and we stand here empty.
Fifth, and most of all, reading “The Grapes of Wrath.” In my warm home, with all my incredible resources around me and my healthy sons upstairs asleep. In a world that does not make sense but which has not declared war on my particular kind, at least not yet. I am blessed by being and blessed even more by being reminded and taught.


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