On the physics of kisses.

Okay, this post is not about what you think it’s about.

These kisses are the kind that our sons blow to us — across rooms, down the driveway, through closed windows.

They used to be content with the blowing of kisses, but about a month ago they got worried that the kisses wouldn’t reach their destination, the kissee, if you will.  Which led to a brief lecture by me explaining that they, the kissers, can only control the love they send out into the world; they cannot control how it is received.

But they can surely trust that kisses are fast and smart: they fly faster than any car and they can find their person no matter where they are. Kisses always reach their kissee when we send them out into the air.

These are some established truths at our house.

Today, however, posed some new challenges, as Len and I backed out of the driveway at the same time (me with the kids in back) and headed off in opposite directions.  The sweet boys had waited until we drove off altogether before starting to smooch their little palms, and as they took their big breaths to blow those kisses toward Papa, they realized HE WAS BEHIND THEM!  What would happen if they blew their kisses in the WRONG DIRECTION?  We revisited the physics of kisses (see above), which reassured them, and then led to this:

Ezra, after a moment of quiet reflection: “My kisses are shaped like hummingbirds.”

Mama (eyes welling up with the awesomeness of this revelation): “Wow.  That is pretty fabulous.”

Malachi: “Mine are shaped like bluebirds.  Blue and RED.”

Ezra: “Yes, because bluebirds are your favorite birds.  But not blue and red, blue and orange.”

We haven’t yet discussed whether these shapes and colors and their breathy essences always embody kisses (what a world!) or whether these particular boys have particular kisses the shape and color of small birds…but I feel sure we will.


4 comments on “On the physics of kisses.

  1. dietrich schlobohm says:

    Anna, I love your blogs even though I don’t usually respond. Julie recently had knee replacement and we have been flat out. Seems to me that you have written about that issue as well. Not the knee replacement, but the flat out part. be well, dietrich

    • Indeed! Flat out is something of a specialty of mine. :/ I hope Julie is recovering nicely and that you are both managing to find some rest and some new energy from time to time! Thanks for reading and for being so supportive!

  2. Sue Besemer says:

    Hi Anna, this is Sue (COML Cornell) as one of our grandsons says:”I found you!” 🙂
    I am updating our database and this site came up on you. Congratulations on your family. I love your kisses story! I don’t know about you but when the day is done our three grandsons have made us smile so much that our faces hurt at night…which is not a bad thing. Sue

    • SUE!! So great to hear from you! And please excuse my horrific delay…as you can tell, I’ve been offline a lot. Summer will do that, at least a good summer. 🙂 But it’s lovely to hear from you. Are you still working at Cornell? Are you and Bill still well? I sure hope so! Looking forward to catching up sometime…

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