With pick-axe and pitchfork…

Six kinds of beets, three kinds of carrots...I feel rich.

Six kinds of beets, three kinds of carrots…I feel rich.

I’ve liberated the last of the root crops from the frozen ground.  They did not want to come.

It was a chilly endeavor, but a rewarding one.

Plus, I can’t think of the last time I was in the garden without someone “helping” and someone else crawling off into the shrubbery or gagging up leaves.  I just hope my little helper isn’t furiously pissed that I didn’t wait for him to uproot all those carrots.  He has a point: digging up brightly colored food from the earth is pretty well the awesomest.




Witness the genius of the Maine Garden Hod…sturdy, affordable, and you can wash your produce right in it. Also useful for picnics in the yard and toting small animals.






2 comments on “With pick-axe and pitchfork…

  1. Sherry Sims says:

    How can it happen that we need sturdy tools and a sturdy back to harvest late root crops and if we forget, it is possible for a small rodent to devastate them over the winter with only its teeth and claws? I don’t want to think that garden soil is not a natural environment for me but they certainly deal very well with the inadvertent pantries I leave for them.

    • annasbartel says:

      “Inadvertent pantries.” Love it. And as much as I love gardening, I do take some comfort in knowing we are designed to spend our time more above the earth than in it. 🙂 Thanks for chatting, Sherry!

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